Illinois couple runs out of wedding hall and money

NOAH’s Event Venue, closed its doors leaving its clients without a place to hold their events and without their money.

From illusion to despair, this is how a couple from a northern suburb of Chicago found themselves after the event hall they had rented for their wedding closed abruptly.

NOAH’s Event Venue

Which specializes in renting space for events, closed at least two dozen of its locations in 20 states after going bankrupt last May, according to reports.

Its clients learned of the news after receiving an e-mail informing them that the agreements or contracts would be voided because they would be ceasing operations.

Schiller Park residents Rubi Nevarez and Chris Pulido say they paid $10,000 to reserve a hall at NOAH’s Naperville to celebrate their marriage in September, but now they say they don’t have the money or a place to hold their wedding.

The couple says they received an e-mail last Thursday that indicated they had ceased operations and began investigating immediately.

“I started calling and no one was answering. I called the other location in Lincolnshire and then started calling different establishments in the state to see what was going on,” Nevarez said.

The couple reported that the money they paid to NOAH’s was half of the $20,000 budget to celebrate their marriage.

To date, they have not heard from company representatives. In addition, NOAH’s social networking pages appear to have been deleted, but the website appears to be intact and without notification that their establishments have closed.

“It’s extremely frustrating because we made that payment with confidence, thinking we were ahead of the game, and then without notice, we found out we’re not going to get our money back,” Pulido said.

Now the couple is looking for a new event hall to celebrate their wedding, but they say that if they don’t get their money back they fear there will be no wedding.